1 March 2019

Hi-Bonjour!  My name is Mansour; I am a menswear fashion designer based in Brussels, Belgium.

To new challenges, to new beginnings, to travels, to paths yet to be walked on, to discoveries, to vulnerability, to transparency and to sheer optimism. I am starting a journal, to document a journey and a evolution. A quest for beauty in its every form. Also, this journal aims to document everything evolved in building a brand: the unspoken aspect of the industry: the ugly truths, the daily grind, the errors, the frustration, the tribulations in a transparent and honest manner.

One day a week, I am in charge of the Bachelor 1, at HEAD Geneva, my weeks are spent teaching fashion design and working on my brand, that I co-created.

Turning 33 this year will be great. Leaving the mess of the 20’s behind, knowing myself better, knowing what I need and what I want in life. That kind of «f*ck you» attitude that comes with age, kicked in this pas few months. Now it is the time to do something I always wanted: having a blog was one of that untaped desire. So here we go. I decided to go beyond the terror of being seen, to take up space on the internet, to be read.

Let the introvert that I am, dive in the in the world of lifestyle blogging and social media.
I’ll be covering subjects close to my heart like sustainability, ethical practices, intentional living, locally sourced food, organic beauty and fashion in general.

I am aiming to update the journal weekly, in a first time, so you will have plenty of posts to scroll through, in a few months time. Moreover, I really hope to connect with a lot of you. Sparks discussion, long conversations and share thoughts and ideas. I want to get to know you and geek out on a lot of silly stuff. I hope you will enjoy it, as much as I do.

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