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by Mansour

Hi/Bonjour, my name is Mansour (pronounced man-soor).

He / Him. Born 1986.

I am a teacher and fashion designer based in Belgium.

My practice is centered around the concept of « masculinity »; its attributes and performances. I tend to -over-analyse and dissect what, as a society, we define as « masculine» and provide alternative through clothings and representations.

After working fo multiple projects for others I have decided to design a full collection of silly little outfits for myself. How deliciously selfish!

Interested? I document every step of the process, so you can follow along.

This journal is also an excuse to interact with people I like from afar, otherwise the introvert that I am might never talk to people I admire through a portraits series: a -still to be published- collection of in depth interview with people that I enjoy. A great excuse to create a network of like-minded people.

Do you want to get in touch? Here my Mail and Instagram

If you would like to collaborate, please find my media kit

Some posts on this blog are in association with partners, I will make it expressly clear if this is the case. I only partner with brands that I use and trust and will never recommend a brand or product that I haven’t got 100% faith in. If you would like to discuss advertising opportunities, please get in touch by email.

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