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How to Fashion : A complete guide on how to design a collection

by Mansour
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The purpose of this series is to teach you, with practical examples, how to design a full fashion collection, the full process, from start to finish, from the perspective of an independent fashion designer.

In the corporate fashion company, these jobs are divided amongst a full team of people. Tough luck, if you are reading this, chances are that you don’t have LVMH money. Don’t be sad though, it is achievable, with a lot, A LOT, of work and a few good tips.

For context, since I graduated from fashion school, I clothed myself not appear naked in public. It wasn’t fun or nice, it was just practical and functional. But lately, I have missed dressing up and feeling myself in my own clothes. Throughout the years, I have collected a few yards of each fabric that I liked and could afford, waiting for the moment when I would have the time to make me some beautiful clothes. I am going to use my personal collection as exemples.

We will do more than just making clothes together, we will touch on every subjects that is necessary to master, if you want to be an independent fashion designer.

  • Chapter I: How to make a mood-bard
  • Chapter II: How to choose a name for your brand
  • Chapter III: How to develop a band Identity and branding
  • Chapter IV: How to select a target audience
  • Chapter V: How to build a collection plan
  • Chapter VI: How to budget for a collection
  • Chapter VII: How to make technical drawings
  • Chapter VIII: How to make patterns for clothes
  • Chapter IX: How to make a garment mock-up or “toile”
  • Chapter X: How to fit a toile properly
  • Chapter XI: How to develop coherent finishings
  • Chapter XIV: How to style your collection
  • Chapter XV: How to shoot your collection
  • Chapter XVI: How to shoot pack-shot of your collection
  • Chapter XVII: How to make a line-sheet and determine pricing
  • Chapter XVIII: How to organize a presentation / fashion show
  • Chapter XIX: How to sell your collection
  • Chapter XX: How to make a production tech pack
  • Chapter XXI: How to grade your patterns
  • Chapter XXII: How to organize your production
  • Chapter XXIII: How to organize delivery on time

At the end of the series, the job of an independent fashion designer will have no secrets for you. All of this is free, because I believe that knowledge should be free and accessible to all. Writing all this will take time, therefore, each chapter will be published one-by-one. If you want to be notified as soon as it drops, please register for my mailing list below:


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